Primary Staff


Jasmin L. Delos Reyes , Head of Primary and Year 6 Teacher 
 With a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Business Management with Units in Elementary Education. Obtained a degree in Computer Science- Computer Information Technology, Certificate in Montessori Methodology for Elementary, Certificate in Special Education Needs (SEN) courses, Certificate of Eligibility-Career Service  Professional, Master Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL-grade A).
I have been teaching for over two decades, both local and international. I joined PCS in 2017 as a year 4 teacher and I am currently teaching Year 6 students. I am very passionate about teaching and I take pride in contributing to the development of the whole child- by offering a holistic student centered approach.
I believe that all children, regardless of ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status or religious background deserve a quality education.
Lubna Alsied, Year 4 class Teacher

I'm a TEFL certified teacher specialized in teaching ESL. I'm experienced in assessing students and designing creative lessons to best fit their abilities. I'm enthusiastic, hardworking and I believe working with children is such a delight, I believe that we learn from them as much as we teach them.

Aya Imam, Year 2 class Teacher

 My name is Aya Imam, and I am proud to be part of Purple crayon school! I love teaching and I am certified to teach Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, and Elementary Education. This will be my fifth year at Purple crayon school and my 13th year teaching.
I have a true passion for working with young learners! Helping each child progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and motor—is a challenge that I am honored to accept daily.  I strive to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive, fun environment.

Nujud Alamin, Third Grade Teacher and Head of Primary English

 I always say that the most important student in the class is the teacher.
I hold a Master’s degree in Contemporary English Literature.
I was raised in a loving family environment where I learnt to respect those around me and to hold a positive outlook towards life.
My hobbies include writing poems, reading and traveling to exotic destinations.
I have the best job in the world because I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my students.

Saria Abdalhafeez, Year One Teacher

I am a University of Khartoum graduate with English and French major and 5 years teaching experience. I love music, drawing, learning languages, having new experiences and adventures. I believe that every child needs a super hero in their lives and the teacher is the perfect fit for that role. I therefore like to bring my adventurous nature into the classroom, showing students what a big world they live in

Munzer Abdelati Saeed, ICT teacher and Teaching Assistant in Year 6

I am a senior school of math and computer sciences specialist and have a passion for music and musical instruments. I love teaching and shaping young minds. I have also had three years of experience in web development. My education extends to include website development projects in html, css, php and sql. I do believe that each one of us is unique in our own way, which is why I always look for varied and fun ways of teaching to make learning fun, enjoyable and easy to understand.

Roua Ahmed Elshreef, Teaching Assistant in Year 5

graduated from university of science and technology, Studied information and communication technology (ICT) , I worked at Macmillan international School 3 year's ago as a teacher assistant and now I joined PCS family as a teacher assistant .... Since i came to PCS i learned and become more confident because they have the best staffs..and very excited to be one of this team and to share my experience with the students.

Eiman Singer , Year 5 Teacher

I graduated with a BS degree in commerce and accounting, but have taught since 2009 which I believe is my true passion as I have accrued excellent English language skills which is essential for teaching and learning. I recently joined the Purple Crayon family and harbour a desire to have developmental impact on all the students I interact with.
I have taught for15 years across all primary key stages and therefore believe I have acquired many of the skills need to prepare youngsters with a 21st Century outlooks they will need to succeed in “tomorrows” world.
Teaching is what I want to do; it stimulates in me a desire to learn modern approaches to learning and form productive, and engaging relationships with students, conducive to lifelong learning.

Arwa Al-Mubarak Hassan

I graduated from University of Khartoum, faculty of Arts English and French department. I joined PCS family two years ago as a preschool language teacher. Those years taught me how those little kids generate love and innocence. They teach you as much as you teach them.

Eshtiag Faisal Osman, Year 2 Teaching Assistant

I graduated from the University of Science and Technology where I studied Information Technology (IT).  I started my career by teaching Science and English. Now I have joined the PCS family as a Teaching Assistant. It was a great honour to be welcomed into this family. The staff and the school environment is conducive to pupil learning and staff development.

Randa Omer, Year 3 Teaching Assistant

I graduated from the American University in Cairo (DBS) having studied Business Administration. After 11 years working experience, I joined PCS in August 2021 as a Teaching Assistant in grade 3, where I plan to expand my experience and knowledge in the science of education.

Ekhlas Alhaj, Primary School Teaching Assistant and Humanities Teacher

I graduated from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Art. My experience has included 5 years as an English teacher before joining the Purple Crayon School in 2021.  I have gained so much experience during this time!

Najla Fathi, Head of Arabic and Arabic Teacher

 I graduated from Nileen university and have been working at the Purple Crayon School for the last 7 years. I aim to expand my knowledge and skill base to make classical Arabic interesting to learn. There are always areas in which we can all grow. My wish is to extend positivity among my students and colleagues.

Gihan Badri, Fiqh and Quran Teacher

I graduated from Africa University College and have worked as an Arabic language teacher for 12 years. I joined PCS in 2021 as a Religion teacher, and have greatly enjoyed being a member of this amazing family. In the future I would like to broaden my skills to make learning interesting and meaningful for my students.

Rehab Abdallah Mohammad , Second Language Arabic Teacher

I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Department of Plant Protection. I joined the Purple Crayon School in 2022 as a teacher of Arabic as a second language. I have learned much in this short time, which changed my view of teaching and learning. I now plan to develop my knowledge base and set of skills to continue to improve as an educator.

Raya Kayali, Arabic Language teacher

After graduating from the University of Aleppo, I was a high school teacher in Aleppo for 25 years. I arrived to Khartoum in 2016 where I started teaching Arabic at the Purple Crayon School. I am keen on developing my teaching to make Arabic come alive for the learner. I want to make it relevant by not sacrificing the purity of the language.

Faisal Mohamed Al-Taher, P.E Teacher

I graduated from the University of Sudan, College of Sports Education, and hold an international licensed certificate “A” in the field of football training. I also hold international certificates, first and second levels, in volleyball and table tennis training. I am delighted to be part of the PSC family. Physical education must be seen as significant for health and learning. This is an attitude I intend to promote.